Sunday, 8 September 2013

Taxi Cabs – Safety First

The first motorized taxi company was started way back in the year 1897 with the idea of making hired vehicles available to the public as a faster means of transportation. Now more than a century later, cabs or taxis, whatever you call them, are a common sight, especially in major states of the USA. Cab services not only have the legacy of being a century old transportation service provider, but have kept with the times evolving to meet the ever growing need for transportation. With road safety becoming a prime concern, what with reports of high increase in road traffic accidents with every passing year, commuters are increasingly concerned with travelling safe. In this article, we will examine a few points with regards to cab services and see if they meet our need for a safer means of transportation.

To start with, let’s see 3 reasons why you would choose a cab over any other public transport service:

1. It is safer; in the sense that you are travelling by yourself or your known ones, minimising the risk and hassles of having to travel with strangers in a shared ride or any other public transport.

2. It is comfortable; in the sense that you can choose your preferred ride and are comfortably seated throughout your journey, which means your travelling is stress free and relaxing.

3. It is faster; in the sense that when you get in a cab you know the only stop will be your drop off point. No stopping to pick up or drop off others and no going around the city in as part of a pickup route.Desired pick up point to the drop point – straight to your destination.

Now let’s see how safe it is to use cab services from the road safety point of view. The top three causes for road accidents in the US are as follows:

1. Drunk Driving

Every year many people lose their lives because of driving under the influence. This not only puts your life at risk but risks many others. Well this can be prevented; if you know that your night out may get you high on spirits why not book a cab for your ride back home. A professional cab driver means your risk of driving home drunk or getting dropped by a drunk driver is eradicated and you enjoy a safe journey.

2. Speeding

According to the U.S. Department of transportation, speeding is one of the most common causes of accidents in the States. We are living in a fast moving world and the need for speed make our roads dangerous. A medical emergency that needs to be attended to, a very important appointment that you cannot be late for or a flight or a bus that you cannot afford to miss can be some of the reasons for you to get anxious and push the peddle down – It may cost you dearly! So when you are in a hurry next time and want to ensure that you do make it on time, plan well and book a cab. The trained driver will ensure that your adrenaline rush doesn’t translate into a road accident!

3. Distracted Driving

Now this is the number one cause for accidents in the States. Talking on the phone or texting are some ways in which drivers get themselves distracted and meet with accidents. When on the wheels there is nothing more important than concentrating on the road ahead. If you feel that you have more important work to do, then be wise and book a cab for a ride. The cabbie driving you ensures that your hands are free to attend to your important business and keep your ride safe.

I say choose a cab for a safe and convenient ride. Why risk it when you have taxi cab services at your beck and call. Travel the wise way.

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